Financial Aid

We’re here to help. There are financial options available for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees at Concordia University Irvine* that will assist in paying for your education. Since it’s our area of expertise, our financial aid counselors will be happy to meet with you to evaluate your specific situation and discuss financial aid opportunities. At Concordia University, we are known for our individualized attention. Once you’ve looked through the information found here and on our website and need help, we will be more than happy to clarify and provide additional information.

*Students enrolled or planning to enroll in a certificate program at Concordia University can apply for a private alternative loan. Concordia University Certificate Program does not participate in Title IV Federal Financial Aid programs.

FAFSA first.

The first step in the financial aid process is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online for the appropriate academic year. Undergraduates may qualify for Pell Grant, and both undergraduate and graduate students may be eligible for Federal Direct Stafford Loans. It only takes a little time to create an account and complete the application. After you’ve done the process once, you can simply submit a renewal for each additional year you plan to be enrolled. There are other forms that students will need to complete. Visit our website for more information and contact our office with any questions about the process.

There are several organizations outside of Concordia University that award annual scholarships in varying amounts. You can find some of these outside scholarships listed on our website. You can also contact your local non-profit and community organizations or search the internet for outside scholarships. Keep in mind that you should never have to pay for this service.

Federal Direct Stafford loans.

Another option for financing education are Federal Direct Stafford loans. Depending on your academic year, undergraduate or graduate status and your dependency status, different loan amounts may help you pay for your education.


Status Loan Amount
Freshman, Dependent $5,500
Freshman, Independent $9,500
Sophomore, Dependent $6,500
Sophomore, Independent $10,500
Junior/Senior, Dependent $7,500
Junior/Senior, Independent $12,500


Status Loan Amount
Dependent or Independent $20,500

Awarding of financial aid and electronic award notification.

Once all requested documentation has been submitted we will review your file. When a financial aid offer is ready, an Electronic Award Notification will be sent to your Eagles email account.

Review your Electronic Award Notification immediately through MyRecords by first clicking on My Financial Aid and then My Overall Financial Aid Status. Select the applicable academic year and then click on "Awarded." Here you will find the award offer, including the types and amounts of aid you are eligible to receive. Review your award carefully. When you have made a decision, submit your decision with the “Submit Decision” button.

If you are a first time Federal Direct Stafford Loan borrower at CUI, you will need to complete loan entrance counseling and electronically sign a master promissory note. Links are provided in your MyRecords electronic award.

If you have questions about any part of your financial aid Electronic Award Notification, just contact us and we’ll help you understand your options and what’s next.

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