Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Leadership

As a specialized degree offered through Concordia's Adult Degree Program, our focus is to bring you the value of curriculum that is rich both in depth of knowledge and practical application. Your preparation through the Business Administration and Leadership program will cultivate real-world leadership practices and stimulate critical thinking skills desirable in today's global business market.

Knowledge for the workplace.

With your bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Leadership from Concordia University, you will be able to:

  • Experience relevant instruction to make good, strategic decisions in the workplace.
  • Learn from instructors who understand their dual role as teachers and mentors.
  • Engage in classes taught by "practitioner" instructors, so the degree outcomes involve more than receiving a diploma, but also new knowledge and skills that can be applied immediately in the marketplace.
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Options to consider.

Fully Online. Is it really an “option” if you have only one choice? We don’t think so. Most degree programs require a local site or campus through which you earn your degree; but that is not the case with online degrees offered through Concordia University. You can live and work anywhere in the nation or world and take all of your courses to earn your bachelor’s degree online in Business Administration and Leadership. Contact us for more information about this fully online option.

Blended delivery. Not ready to be totally online? Then you might appreciate another option for how you can earn your bachelor’s degree. The Business Administration and Leadership degree is also offered through a “blended” instructional delivery approach. Blended instructional models are growing in popularity because adult students appreciate periodic face to face classroom connection times while being able to complete coursework primarily online. That means less time on a campus, more time online, and the flexibility to fit continuing education into your home, family, and work life.

With this option, courses are taken in sequence, one at a time. Courses last five weeks with face-to-face classroom sessions occurring one night a week during the first, third, and fifth weeks. This cycle repeats for each course taken during the semester, which allows you to stagger the coursework and experience the camaraderie of your classmates as you progress together through the program. In between those face-to-face sessions, you complete your work anywhere you choose to use your tablet or laptop.

Start dates.

Typically, courses are five weeks long and are taken sequentially one at a time. The school year is divided into two 26-week semesters, and there are multiple opportunities to begin your program during each semester. For more information about upcoming start dates, please contact an admissions counselor.

Term Dates
Spring January 1 - June 30
Fall July 1 - December 31

Reach your goal.

A total of 120 semester units must be successfully completed prior to graduation. The 51 units in the BAL major are taken through Concordia University. The additional 69 units may be transferred in as general education requirements and electives. Options for you to consider in helping reach your goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in the most economical and time sensitive fashion include various Prior Learning Assessments: CLEP testing, DSST testing, Straighterline, and the LearningCounts program for portfolio assessment. Additionally, Concordia offers many general education courses in face to face and online formats that are convenient for adult students. Please ask for a current list of general education courses that would fit your schedule and your graduation plans/needs.

  • Business Administration & Leadership Core Courses
  • 51 Units
  • BAL 303: Ethical Principles of Effective Businesses
  • 3
The principles of conducting ethical business practices will be discussed and explored. Students will investigate how business leaders make critical decisions and implement strategy while applying ethical principles that impact business performance.
  • BAL 305: Christianity & Contemporary Culture
  • 3
Christianity and Contemporary Culture assists you in evaluating sources of information for culture and theology, better enabling you to answer questions concerning life issues (e.g., sexuality, marriage, family, suffering, evil, death, creation, after life) and life choices in the Christian context. You will examine your own beliefs and compare these to that which Scripture teaches.
  • BAL 306: Business Law
  • 3
Basics of business law and its application for business managers and leaders will be discussed extensively in this course. Students will explore American law with an emphasis on application of business law and related tort law concepts relevant to modern business practices, including the role of the courts and administrative process.
  • BAL 308: Human Resources Strategies & Applications
  • 3
Human resource strategies are critical to all businesses. This course will provide students with valuable information that helps comprehend how organizations obtain, maintain and retain their human resources. Current legal regulations are also explored.
  • BAL 309: Financial Management of Businesses
  • 3
As an introductory financial management course you will discuss and examine the principles and practices of managerial finance. Cash flow analysis, financial statements, and balance sheets are examined.

Prerequisite: BAL 310 Managerial Accounting
  • BAL 313, 314, 315: Leadership and Professional Development Seminars
  • 1 each
BAL 313 and 314 will introduce students to innovative leadership and management topics like, but not limited to, Strengths Based Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility. BAL 315 is a resume writing and interviewing workshop requiring writing and critiquing resumes and participating as an interviewee in mock interviews.
  • BAL 321: Writing and Communication for the Workplace
  • 3
Introduces principles, concepts, and procedures of financial accounting essential to the understanding, and interpretation of accounting information. Includes the study of financial statements, journal transactions, investments in property, plant and equipment and depreciation.
  • BAL 331: Financial Accounting
  • 3
Human resource strategies are critical to all businesses. This course will provide students with valuable information that helps comprehend how organizations obtain, maintain and retain their human resources. Current legal regulations are also explored.
  • BAL 332: Managerial Accounting
  • 3
Introduces the concepts of managing through the use of accounting information. Topics include the basic accounting equation, financial statement structure, the accounting cycle, costing, equity financing and asset valuation.
  • BAL 404: Marketing Research & Quantitative Analysis
  • 3
The purpose of this course is to introduce students to a systematic, fact based, data supported thinking process. The focus is on a study of the maximization of shareholders’ value which is the key fiduciary responsibility of management. Students learn how to use statistical and financial concepts, tools and methodologies to recognize the key value drivers, rationally select winning strategies, efficiently enter the growth path, and effectively measure the progress towards creating wealth.
  • BAL 415: International Business
  • 3
This course explores the many dimensions of doing business in a global environment. Students will examine the opportunities and skills required to successfully compete in a global marketplace while completing an international business proposal.
  • BAL 420: Managing Today’s Worker
  • 3
Current management theories are explored as students study the various aspects of managing today’s diverse workforce, managing within common organizational structures, and managing change.
  • BAL 425: Operations Management
  • 3
This course focuses on quantitative models for managing operations. Topics include process analysis, optimizing cash flow, supply chain management, and enhancing quality and mitigating risks in manufacturing and customer service.
  • BAL 430: Marketing for Results
  • 3
An overview of marketing management and research introduces the concepts of market based decisions. Students will develop skills in preparing a marketing plan based upon a solid understanding of market variables.
  • BAL 440: Business Strategies for Success
  • 3
This course focuses on strategic business analysis. Students will develop skills to create business value through learning the topics of operational, financial, defensive and market based strategies.
  • BAL 450: Business Leadership Strategies
  • 3
This course introduces leadership theories and practices and provides an understanding of how these theories are used in business today. Students will examine leadership and its effect on organizations while developing a personal leadership development plan and complete a project focused on the application of these theories to a business problem.
  • BAL 460: Social Media and the New Economy
  • 3
This course explores how social media is changing the economic landscape and introduces students to channel marketing, managing company product and image, creating virtual communities and advertising in the social media space. Students will learn how companies are using social networks, blogs and Twitter to generate interest in their products or service offerings.

Tom Butkiewicz
Professor of Business Administration & Leadership

The right people.

All Business Administration & Leadership courses are taught by Christian professionals and industry leaders who make themselves readily available to you. Part of the value of your online bachelor’s degree comes through the conscientious leadership and experience of faculty who are personally committed to seeing you make the world a better place through your business activities. You will learn from professors like Tom Butkiewicz, an experienced leader in both the United States Marine Corps and Mitsubishi Motors North America, who brings his knowledge of leadership and management from both the military and the international corporate business sector to his classes.

You can balance the demands of your career and schedule with the support and mentorship you’ll experience in the program.

Tuition and fees.

When you maintain continuous enrollment the tuition will remain the same throughout the program. Tuition does not include the price of textbooks.

Tuition/Fee Cost
Application Fee $50
Graduation Fee $145
Tuition $520/unit

Apply now.

There are three options for admissions eligibility:

  1. Associates Degree, IGETC, or CSU certification.
  2. You have 45 transferable credits or more and are able to take general education classes concurrently with your major.
  3. If you have less than 45 units you are eligible for candidate status and can begin taking online GE courses. Once 45 credits total are obtained, you can begin taking courses concurrently.

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