Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts major at Concordia University is designed to provide a solid foundation and well-rounded educational experience that is ideal for individuals either planning to enter educational careers or explore an advanced degree in an area of specialization. The Liberal Arts degree builds upon the general education requirements and approaches the liberal arts from an integrative perspective, which is very valuable to employers. This perspective provides students with the opportunity to experience the arts and sciences and explore how educated individuals apply this knowledge in their lives and the workplace. This program equips the student with skills for a lifetime of learning and meaningful work.

Freedom to apply yourself.

With your bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from Concordia University, you will be able to:

  • Think, read, and communicate with confidence and knowledge.
  • Consider ideas and opinions from various points of view.
  • Appreciate and understand the importance of the arts as they apply to our cultural history.
  • Understand basic scientific principles that will allow you to articulate your worldview as it relates to a distinctively Christian worldview.
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