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Now Offering: MS in Coaching & Exercise Sciences.

The MCAA program has a wonderful calling with remarkable capability to provide a transformational experience that connects the world of athletics with faith, learning, and a life’s work of service. This nationally-acclaimed program prepares its students for service in the 21st century. It is a practical learning experience that is designed for the working professional. Classes may be taken online, onsite, or any combination thereof.

The MCAA experience has earned a reputation locally and internationally for its positive and practical approach in the world of educational athletics. Through participation in Concordia Irvine’s online Masters in Coaching and Athletics Administration program you will:

  • Develop a national professional network of peers, colleagues, and instructors offering diverse perspectives and experiences spanning junior high athletics to division 1 teams.
  • Grow professionally with a practical approach to coaching and athletic administration.
  • Strengthen your teaching, coaching, and administrative abilities in a nationally acclaimed program.
  • Refine your philosophy of coaching, athletics, and leadership.
  • Enhance character development and ethical leadership in a faith-based environment.

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You have play options.

Enhance your coaching leadership techniques and athletic administrative skills through a transformational professional growth experience. You now have an option to earn either a Master of Science or Master of Arts degree in Coaching and Athletics Administration. You decide how you want to connect with meaningful distance learning by selecting to be fully online or by taking advantage of any combination of blended and online options. Explore how you can get in the game.

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Seasonal offerings.

Term Dates
Spring February 19th - May 4th 2018
Summer May 21st – August 3rd 2018
Fall August 20th – November 2nd 2018
Winter November 19th 2018 – February 1st 2019

We understand that you have your busy seasons with coaching, so you shouldn’t have to stress about when you can start your coursework. The traditional model two semester system can’t compare with the four term start options of the online master’s in coaching offered through Concordia University Irvine. You still get a whole semester of coursework (11 weeks), but now you can start your semester when it works for your schedule. Welcome to flexible learning! Once you select which one of the four start dates works for you, you progress through each week’s content with the freedom to fit coursework and online interactions into your real life schedule. You stay on track each week with interactive discussions and practical assignments that help you develop practical techniques and solutions for your coaching program needs. You’ll be engaging your coaching passion and interests so much, it might feel like you’re on Sports Center more than completing coursework.

Got a little more time during certain seasons of the year? Then you might want to take advantage of occasional seasonal intensives that allow you to compress a semester’s worth of content into three days of dynamic face-to-face learning at pre-determined institute sites. Contact us to find out what is coming up next.

Want to get away during the summer and take in some southern California sun? You could take your vacation here and complete one or several week-long intensives while enjoying the weekends and nightlife just minutes from the beach.

The capstone requirement.

Unlike other coaching degrees, the application-rich approach to the Master’s in Coaching and Athletics Administration program is practical during the process and meaningful in lasting outcomes. This applied philosophy is part of the reason for a culminating project as the capstone to a degree from Concordia Irvine.

Culminating project: a professional portfolio.

This project is the last course you will be taking in the program. For your project, you will be completing a professional portfolio. Producing a professional portfolio involves a great deal of work that may seem to dominate your life at times. Most CUI MCAA graduates express a satisfying sense of accomplishment when the project is successfully completed.

You will want to start thinking about your project the moment you enroll in your first class. It is highly suggested that you keep all papers, interviews, and presentations that you create throughout the program. Many of these will be used as part of the portfolio with minor revisions or additions.

Once you are enrolled in the course, you will want to contact your advisor so he or she can go over the requirements of the portfolio in detail and answer any questions you might have.

Your writing must be of high quality. It is imperative that you have a qualified editor to help you in this process. Please think about who will be your third party editor.

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An experienced first string.

When you are investing the time and energy to grow professionally, we understand that you need the right people in the game. That’s where Concordia faculty come into play as experienced instructor-practitioners. You want someone who not only knows how to talk a great game, but is actually out there demonstrating their skills and techniques with proven results. As you get acquainted with Concordia University faculty, you’ll realize that you are drawing from a group of extraordinarily talented individuals with impressive stat sheets. They know how to bring the game because most of them are current coaches or active athletic community leaders just like you. They get it. So, get excited about your teammates and the transformational experience you’ll have together through the MCAA program.

Tuition and additional costs.

2018-2019 Tuition and additional costs are listed here for your reference, but are subject to change without notice. For more information, please contact one of our admissions counselors.

Coaching & Athletics Administration Tuition Summer '18 Fall '18 / Spring '19
Application Fee (Non-Refundable) $50 $50
International Application Processing Fee $150 $150
Graduation Fee   Graduation Fee
MA/MS - Coaching $525/unit $525/unit
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