Master's in Coaching and Athletic Administration

The MCAA program has a wonderful calling with remarkable capability to provide a transformational experience that connects the world of athletics with faith, learning, and a life’s work of service. This nationally-acclaimed program prepares its students for service in the 21st century. It is a practical learning experience that is designed for the working professional. Classes may be taken online, onsite, or any combination thereof.

Misty May-Treanor
Olympic Gold Medalist
MCAA Graduate
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How you’ll really score.

The MCAA experience has earned a reputation locally and internationally for its positive and practical approach in the world of educational athletics. Through participation in Concordia’s online Masters in Coaching and Athletic Administration program you will:

  • Develop a national professional network of peers, colleagues, and instructors offering diverse perspectives and experiences spanning junior high athletics to division 1 teams.
  • Grow professionally with a practical approach to coaching and athletic administration.
  • Strengthen your teaching, coaching, and administrative abilities in a nationally acclaimed program.
  • Refine your philosophy of coaching, athletics, and leadership.
  • Enhance character development and ethical leadership in a faith-based environment.
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Enhance your coaching leadership techniques and athletic administrative skills through a transformational professional growth experience. You decide how you want to connect with meaningful distance learning by selecting to be fully online or by taking advantage of any combination of blended and online options. Explore how you can get in the game.

What Coaches Are Saying

“Coaching is so much more than physical training. It's how you organize, manage and communicate. To see character-building being revived in a program like the one here at Concordia is gratifying.”

Vern Gambetta, Founding Father of Functional Sports Training

“The skills and emphasis Concordia places on character and leadership is so strong, it’s applicable to someone like me who has been in education for 32 years. I get so fired up I go for the max in every class.”

Harold Strauss, Southern California Interscholastic Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame Inductee

"I was so happy with the program that I recommend it highly, especially to a lot of my colleagues who are players. I say, 'You should look into this program, especially if you want to continue playing, because it works with your schedule.' And I love the campus."

Misty May-Treanor, Three-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, 2013 Graduate

Seasonal offerings.

We understand that you have your busy seasons with coaching, so you shouldn’t have to stress about when you can start your coursework. The traditional model two semester system can’t compare with the four term start options of the online master’s in coaching offered through Concordia University. You still get a whole semester of coursework (11 weeks), but now you can start your semester when it works for your schedule. Welcome to flexible learning! Once you select which one of the four start dates works for you, you progress through each week’s content with the freedom to fit coursework and online interactions into your real life schedule. You stay on track each week with interactive discussions and practical assignments that help you develop practical techniques and solutions for your coaching program needs. You’ll be engaging your coaching passion and interests so much, it might feel like you’re on Sports Center more than completing coursework.

Got a little more time during certain seasons of the year? Then you might want to take advantage of occasional seasonal intensives that allow you to compress a semester’s worth of content into three days of dynamic face-to-face learning at pre-determined institute sites. Contact us to find out what is coming up next.

Want to get away during the summer and take in some southern California sun? You could take your vacation here and complete one or several week-long intensives while enjoying the weekends and nightlife just minutes from the beach.

Term Dates
Summer May 23, 2016 – Aug 5, 2016
Fall August 15, 2016 – October 28, 2016
Winter November 14, 2016 – February 3, 2017
Spring February 20, 2017 – May 5, 2017

Customize your curriculum.

To earn your Master’s in Coaching and Athletic Administration degree, you’ll be taking 20 units of specific core classes and selecting which 16 units of electives are the best fit for you. A capstone project is a requirement for completing the program, and more information about this component is explained after the course descriptions. See the offerings listed below and get started on customizing your program.

Not sure which courses are the best fit? Consider contacting an admissions counselor to help you personalize your academic plan.

  • Coaching and Athletic Administration Core Courses
  • 36 units
  • MCAA 510: Principles of Coaching & Leadership
  • 4
Methods of teaching sport skills, and sport management skills. The purpose will be to promote athletes' growth, development, and learning, while teaching age-appropriate skills. Includes analysis of National Coaching Standards.
  • MCAA 530: Ethics and Sport
  • 4
Examination and analysis of the philosophy and ethics of coaching. Students will examine how values are communicated, and how to facilitate positive social and emotional growth. Students will write personal statements on their philosophy of coaching, and will work through ethical dilemmas in sport.
  • MCAA 550: Research Methods & Analysis
  • 4
Review of graduate research techniques. Introduction to action research and professional portfolio development.
  • MCAA 580: Legal Aspects of Sport
  • 4
Legal aspects of sport administration and coaching, including analysis of liability, application of sport law, and risk management. Included will be case reviews.
  • MCAA 595: Culminating Project
  • 4
Application of knowledge and skills related to the student's specific area of coaching. Students will develop a comprehensive portfolio.
  • MCAA 595E: Continuing of Culmination Project
  • 4
This class is an extension of MCAA 595 and students are to enroll in this course if they have not completed their portfolio while enrolled in MCAA 595. Students are not charged for this course. However, if students enroll in this course they are responsible for following the current MCAA 595 portfolio guidelines at the time they submit the final portfolio. Therefore, previously written chapters that were completed during any previous terms may need to be re-written in order to satisfy the current portfolio guidelines. Students are responsible for following all current guidelines. Portfolios submitted based on previous guidelines will not be approved.
  • Select 4 elective courses from the options below:
  • MCAA 520: Psychology of Coaching
  • 4
Sport psychology principles applied in a coaching environment, including the concepts of motivation, confidence building, competitive anxiety, communication skills, group processes, and emotional growth.
  • MCAA 540: Sport Technologies
  • 4
Current uses and application of technology in sport. Included will be video analysis of skill, analysis of computer data printouts, and integration of technology with coaching and administration applications. Students will apply skills, strategies and tactics in applied analysis training.
  • MCAA 560: Leadership & Administration
  • 4
Principles of leadership, organization, and management of sport programs. Included will be leadership skills and techniques, communication, scheduling, and program reviews.
  • MCAA 561: Athletic Finance
  • 4
An advanced study in the finance, marketing and sponsorship of sport programs. The class will incorporate the theories of athletic finance, current strategic planning models, sport facility related finance and facility management.
  • MCAA 562: Facility Planning and Event Management
  • 4
Study in event management and the planning and development of sport facilities. The development of new sport facilities, renovation of existing sport facilities and the management of sport venues will be incorporated. Students will review event planning models, sport facility related finance, and facility management.
  • MCAA 568: Advanced Theories and Strategies for Coaching Soccer
  • 4
This class will provide soccer coaches with the tools to build upon their coaching philosophy, assist with program development, and continue with professional growth. The program will include: practice planning, technical versus tactical training, cultivating relationships with administrators, parent groups, and officials and preparing players for the next level. This will be done through classroom and practical instruction, as well as presentations by guest speakers.
  • MCAA 569: Advanced Theories and Strategies for Coaching Lacrosse
  • 4
This course will serve to further the knowledge of both the veteran and the new lacrosse coach, covering topics such as: skills development, teaching lacrosse tactics and strategy, coaching philosophy, practice organization, developing strength training/conditioning programs, improving relationships with game officials, parents and Booster groups, and more.
  • MCAA 570: Sport Medicine & Performance
  • 4
Recognizing and caring for sport injuries. Included will be basic physical evaluation and taping skills, as well as purposes and procedures for adequate care of injured athletes. An application of nutrition information and eating to win is also included.
  • MCAA 571: Advanced Theories and Strategies for Coaching Golf
  • 4
Advanced training to improve the coaching of golf. Theories, strategies and course content will include: history and etiquette of the game, proper mechanics and teaching/recruiting techniques. A combination of classroom learning and practical application of driving range.
  • MCAA 572: Advanced Theories and Strategies for Coaching Cross Country
  • 4
A professional development training designed for high school and college cross country and distance running coaches. Topics will include: philosophy of the sport, best coaching practices, warm-up and stretching, successful training theory, cardio-training, nutrition, injury prevention, weight training theory, cardio-training, nutrition, injury prevention, weight training, mental training, and recruitment.
  • MCAA 573: Advanced Theories and Strategies for Coaching Basketball
  • 4
A professional seminar designed to assist basketball coaches in developing their coaching philosophy, team building, and coaching strategies. Topics will include rules/regulations, team defense, special situations, fundamental offensive and defensive drills, strength and conditioning, and more. Experts currently working in the field will share/discuss their best practices coaching basketball.
  • MCAA 574: Advanced Theories and Strategies for Coaching Football
  • 4
MCAA 574 will offer football coaches the opportunity to increase their knowledge of operating a football program. This class will cover: position specific drills, offensive and defensive alignment and strategies, the importance of continual learning, the recruiting process, and situational coaching. Course instructors will include high school and collegiate level coaches leading in-class and on-field sessions.
  • MCAA 575: Advanced Theories and Strategies for Coaching Softball
  • 4
This advanced level course will enhance the knowledge of novice and experienced softball coaches. Experts currently working in the field will discuss best practices for coaching successful softball programs. Areas covered will include: philosophies implementation of good practices, identifying common coaching mistakes, fundamentals for each position, on-field implementation drills, good hitting basics, technology to improve hitting, on-field team defense and strategy, recruiting process, identification of coaching methods and personal coaching.
  • MCAA 576: Advanced Theories and Strategies for Coaching Volleyball
  • 4
This class will provide volleyball coaches with advanced training to improve coaching in volleyball. Discussion will include coaching philosophy, difference in the men's and women's game, training techniques in practice, coaching strategy, use of technology in practice and matches, sand volleyball, and running of high school, club and collegiate programs. The class will cover the various skills of volleyball, including attacking, blocking, setting, defense, passing and serving.
  • MCAA 577: Advanced Theories and Strategies for Coaching Baseball
  • 4
This class will provide advanced training to improve the coaching in baseball. Theories, strategies and best practices will include: planning, organizing and conducting quality practices; hitting and pitching mechanics and fundamentals; offensive and defensive strategies; baseball specific strength and conditioning; college recruiting and professional scouting elements. There will be guest instructors and on-field demonstrations throughout the class.
  • MCAA 578: Advanced Theories and Strategies for Coaching Water Polo
  • 4
An educational seminar designed to assist water polo coaches in developing a framework for the operation of an aquatics program. This training will serve as a valuable tool for veteran and new aquatics coaches. Topics will include: rules/regulations, coaching philosophy, best practices within training sessions, developing strength training/conditioning programs and improving relationships among game officials, parents and Booster groups.
  • MCAA 579: Advanced Theories and Strategies for Coaching Wrestling
  • 4
This course will serve to enhance the knowledge of both the new and veteran wrestling coach. Topics to be discussed will include skills development, tactics and counter moves, promoting your program, use of technology, coaching philosophy, strength and conditioning, practice organization, and community/media relations. There will be demonstrations and distinguished guest speakers throughout the course.
  • MCAA 585: Strength, Speed, & Conditioning
  • 4
Principles of strength, flexibility, power and cardiovascular conditioning. Students will learn to construct and apply conditioning programs.
  • MCAA 590: Concordia University Coaching Academy
  • 4
Selected topics provide training for coaches and athletic directors, including coaching certification, substance abuse prevention training and current issues and challenges facing coaches. Currently not offered online.
  • MCAA 591: Athletic Director Institute
  • 4
A professional seminar designed to assist athletic directors enhance the operation of the athletic department. The training will serve as a valuable tool for new and veteran athletic administrators. Topics include rules and regulations, organization, health and safety, emergency procedures, athletic eligibility, office management, scheduling, officials, personnel evaluation, gender equity and budget. Currently not offered online.

The capstone requirement.

Unlike other coaching degrees, the application-rich approach to the Master’s in Coaching and Athletic Administration program is practical during the process and meaningful in lasting outcomes. This applied philosophy is part of the reason for a culminating project as the capstone to a degree from Concordia.

Culminating project: a professional portfolio.

This project is the last course you will be taking in the program. For your project, you will be completing a professional portfolio. Producing a professional portfolio involves a great deal of work that may seem to dominate your life at times. Most Concordia MCAA graduates express a satisfying sense of accomplishment when the project is successfully completed.

You will want to start thinking about your project the moment you enroll in your first class. It is highly suggested that you keep all papers, interviews, and presentations that you create throughout the program. Many of these will be used as part of the portfolio with minor revisions or additions.

Once you are enrolled in the course, you will want to contact your advisor so he or she can go over the requirements of the portfolio in detail and answer any questions you might have.

Your writing must be of high quality. It is imperative that you have a qualified editor to help you in this process. Please think about who will be your third party editor.

Portfolio Completion Policy:

Effective beginning Summer 2016, students will enroll in MCAA 595, a 4 unit course, and pay the full tuition for the course. If the student does not finish after one term (11 weeks), they will be required to enroll in MCAA 595E1, a four unit extension course, for an additional term (11weeks). If the student does not complete their culminating project in MCAA 595E1 they must register into MCAA 595E2, also a four unit extension course (11 weeks). If they don't finish again, they would be eligible for one last extension and enroll in 595E3, a four unit course (11 weeks). For each extension, students will be charged a $1000 extension fee. As a reminder, a student has six years to complete all requirements in the MCAA degree. Any students enrolled in MCAA 595 or 595E in the Spring of 2016 will be grandfathered in under the old policy.

An experienced first string.

When you are investing the time and energy to grow professionally, we understand that you need the right people in the game. That’s where Concordia faculty come into play as experienced instructor-practitioners. You want someone who not only knows how to talk a great game, but is actually out there demonstrating their skills and techniques with proven results. As you get acquainted with Concordia University faculty, you’ll realize that you are drawing from a group of extraordinarily talented individuals with impressive stat sheets. They know how to bring the game because most of them are current coaches or active athletic community leaders just like you. They get it. So, get excited about your teammates and the transformational experience you’ll have together through the MCAA program.

Tuition and additional costs.

Tuition and additional costs are listed here for your reference, but are subject to change without notice. Additionally, every new student who begins the MCAA program this summer will receive a $500 New Student Winter Scholarship towards tuition! For more information, please contact one of our admissions counselors.

Tuition & Costs Amount
Application $50
International Processing $150
Graduation $145
Tuition $510/unit

Apply now.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but we encourage you to have all documentation in two weeks prior to the start of each term. We will also consider a total of 8 equivalent graduate units for transfer (for MCAA elective courses only). If you have any questions about the admissions process or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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